One night, I was awoken by a refreshing gust of ice cold air blasting through my window. I had fallen asleep with the brilliance of the full moon bathing me in its majesty, as if I were a precious gem about to receive the deepest healing. But now, at 3.00am, the sky was a calm, deep black, with just a few stars twinkling. I rested in the protective arms of the night. The church clock struck 3.00am, each chime ringing magically through the stillness. Next, the hooting of a solitary owl rang out, calling me, “ Come,” it invited, “ fly with me. Let’s swoop and soar. Come, let’s explore.”

So I did. I imagined myself flying above the trees and amongst the stars. From such a height, I was able to look down with the piercing accuracy of an owl’s vision and see myself lying in bed as if viewing myself for the first time. How sweetly precious I looked. How fragile yet so strong within this fragility. In that one tiny being, I saw the exquisite glory of the world reflected, feeling the sense of ‘oneness’ with all that exists.

Eventually, I let myself float back in to my body, feeling the clean energy of the night sky, the clarity of the owl’s vision and the magic of the church bells becoming one with me feeling the truth: I am, just like you, a truly precious gem that needs to be held tenderly and treated lovingly each and every day.

So, each full moon, I imagine myself soaring through the night sky, resting on a star where I take time to remind myself: ‘I am precious. I deserve only the best for myself. I am a vital part of this world. ‘ I let the moon cleanse me, reconnecting me with the purity and love at the heart of my soul, knowing that the sacred beauty of this moment will last, and be passed on throughout the whole world, for eternity.

I invite you do the same. To take yourself on the magical journey of a mid- night, moonlit cleanse.

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