No matter how much I try, I can’t quite express all I want to say about the experience that this vision quest has been, it will never be enough or represent the depth and strength of what I felt, but in spite of that, here is what I want to share with you: For me the Wise Wisdom Vision Quest has been a genuinely powerful and life-changing adventure. I faced deeply entrenched issues that had been weighing me down for years and which I’d been struggling to face, like a breeze. Through a breathtaking inner journey, I observed, walked, climbed, swam, sat, cried, laughed, felt fear, bliss, love, understood the messages, the wisdom of my issues and the actions to take from now on, met and talked with spirits,… all thanks to Karen’s ever so gentle guidance, her warm, encouraging, loving, caring suggestions and questions. Although I was exhausted after the quest, so much energy was flowing through me that it was exhilarating. The whole experience has been so personal, helping me develop a new level of awareness with stronger connection to spirits, and I am so grateful I got the chance to do it. Karen is sincerely gifted and what she’s offering through this Vision Quest is authentically transformative. I do hope that my sharing this with you all will encourage you to take the leap to face yourself, your issues, to open to the unconditional love and messages of the universe in the most gentle ways through Karen’s amazing gift. Much love and hugs, and thank you again Karen. Barbara


Karen is absolutely amazing.  She has a gift like no other.  She helped me to find the road again–I got a little lost along the way and she helped get me back on track to connecting again with my spiritual self.  After my reading with Karen, I am now following the prescription to healing the past, embracing the present and looking forward to the future. Meredith


Karen, thank you so much for my beautiful reading. I feel that I was taken on a delicious journey of exploration where yummy, wise, rich and powerful messages were the gifts encountered along the way. New insights arise as I now listen to the recording. I am savouring it, letting the colourful images, symbols and deep messages sink in my body and soul like soothing medicine. I love the fact that my reading feels like a journey and connection with Spirit, yet sprinkled with very practical and down to earth advice. Auorore

Bristol, UK

My session with Karen was enlightening and reaffirming. Karen brought forward messages from Spirit on topics that truly no one else knows about. The guidance offered from Spirit was invaluable and heart warming. Our session was in-depth and filled with moments of deep clarity mixed with moments of laughter and joy. I highly recommend Karen to anyone seeking guidance and support along their journey. Ingrid


Thank you so much dear Karen. For your time, for being available at short notice, for your presence and showing up in the world with your work. It was an amazing experience. I am still processing it. Thank you so much. It’s revolutionary actually. 



This was such an awesome experience and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have been able to do this work with Karen! Her guidance was gentle and loving and really helped me to open up to a lot of things that I’ve been holding on to. The process she uses to really get to the heart of the matter is very enlightening; I was surprised at what actually came up for me. She helped me realize a lot of things that I’ve been holding on to and helped me to let them go. I wholeheartedly recommend a session, even if you don’t think you have big things to release, you might be surprised at what comes up for you! Renee


Karen is a very gifted healer and works at a very deep level safely, working at the pace that was right for me. I wanted to find the blocks getting in the way of my financial goals. She was very patient, caring and creative and was not thrown at all by my attempts to self-sabotage. She has an uncanny ability to hone in on the important stuff and I was amazed at what emerged. If you are also feeling stuck and have no idea why Karen is the woman to go to. Linda Barbour


What an amazing reading! Karen Packwood is the real deal. The messages were so clearly meant for me and personal to me. The reading was so generous, rich, and evocative. Generous, because it offered insight into so many areas of my life. Rich, in the far-ranging imagery and the profound depth of the messages that were coming through. Evocative, in the stimulating ideas and images that were conveyed. All this is thanks to the great care one feels when one ‘puts oneself in Karen’s hands.’ She creates a caring, protected space that absolutely guides  the level of communication to be for the highest good. The effects of the reading will be felt immediately, in shifts of energy, and in renewed focus and purpose, and yet this is the kind of reading whose full effects will only unfold over time. It is that rich. This is such a wonderful blessing and opportunity for anyone looking for answers, guidance, healing and/or comfort. Reba

New York, USA

First thing I would like to express is gratitude!!!!!!!!! I would like to thank you. Thank You!  The reading was perfect regarding the situation I’m in at the moment. I was ready to hear all that information and  I’m just very grateful to you! You left me speechless. The reading provided me with personal insight that I can directly apply in my life. I was surprised how questions were answered without me having to ask them. I feel grateful and inspired.


Helsinki, Finland

Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing vision quest we did on Sunday – it felt, like the last one, a really nurturing and loving experience, and I came away from it feeling a sense of real clarity about the way forward. I also feel absolutely exhausted and drained – I have been really tired this week, which may just be a new consciousness of how tired I have been for a while. But I am also conscious of a real shift towards my heart – I am visualising the rose petals gently cleansing and helping me recharge. I took a pot of baby daffodils into the office on Monday after you saw yellow flowers on my desk, and it was amazing – so many people came up to me and said how much they liked it and how it cheered them up. so really spreading the love! I’ll let you know how I get on with integrating and processing it all, but so far so good. 



Karen’s connection to Spirit is something really intimate, beautiful, gentle yet strong. I was amazed at how radiant she looked after a two hour reading. This shows me just how naturally called she is to do this work.  Her channelled messages were a mirror to the same whispers and nudges I had been given 9 years ago and did not listen to for so many years. Karen was also able to give so much more clarity and insight to my soul purpose.  After her reading, I feel even more connected to Spirit than ever before. Rozanne

South Africa

Working with Karen was an incredible experience. Her caring  comes through completely in her communications. I felt totally at ease, loved, and supported even though we were working via Skype and talking about personal matters. I was amazed when she tapped into some childhood issues that have troubled me throughout my life. She got them exactly right and helped me see how they are connected to a current challenge I’m having. She answered one big question I had without me even asking it. It was about something deeply personal, and she handled it in such a kind manner that I felt supported in letting go of something that I worried would be painful to let go. I left the call feeling very affirmed in knowing what I needed to do as my next steps to take good care of my self. Stephanie


My reading with Karen was fantastic, she is a beautiful soul with wonderful energy and a wonderful connection with spirit, during our reading she highlighted many areas of my life and business which were very true and gave time afterwards to discuss anything that came up in the reading. I would highly recommend Karen for a reading. Catriona Hicks

Dublin, Ireland

Karen packs a punch in her readings!  Her download rate is astonishing and she lovingly and fearlessly conveys the detailed information she receives.  I received practical and helpful information that I could apply right away.  And she described two loved ones that have passed with astonishing accuracy.  I felt reassured, supported and lighthearted after the reading.  I highly recommend Karen as a medium! Rachel

New York, USA

I recently had a reading with Karen and most insightful. I particularly liked the way she prepared herself & me for the reading with a short meditation and grounding at the beginning. Karen has a very strong connection with spirit, but is very eloquent and compassionate in the way she communicates the messages that come through. I found for me what came through helped me to clarify where I am at the moment on my journey and the things I need to develop & nurture and the things I need to let go of. There were some striking coincidences with a couple of the messages which I felt was spirits way of highlighting these and also to reassure me in one case that I am on the right track. I found the whole experience very healing. Thank you Karen!


Nottingham, UK

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